Booking and purchasing a ticket

  • All seats are reserved seats. Please book a seat in advance.
  • Booking is available one month before the departure date (the same day of the previous month) for all routes.
    *If the same day does not exist in the previous month, see the following.
Boarding date 3/29・30・31 5/31 7/31 10/31 12/31
Starting the issue of tickets 3/1 5/1 7/1 10/1 12/1
  • If you cancel your booking before issuing the ticket, please contact Kita Nippon Kanko Bus as soon as possible.
  • After booking a seat, please purchase a ticket as soon as possible. (Your booking will be automatically canceled after the ticket time limits (five days including the booking date) if you book a seat through the internet,)
  • You cannot book an assigned seat at convenience stores or through the internet.
    If you need an assigned seat, please contact us.
  • Our business hours are as follows:
    By phone +81-76-266-2512/ (9:00–17:40)
    Japan bus online / 9:30–23:59

Changing a ticket

  • If you change a ticket before the departure time written on the ticket, you can make a change, including the departure date, only one time free of charge.
    If you want to change a ticket for the second time, we will refund it. So please purchase a ticket again.(If you issue a ticket at a convenience store or through the internet, you cannot make any change. For further details, please contact the address written on the ticket.)
    We will charge you a refund fee.
    We will not refund your ticket after the departure time written on the ticket.
  • After purchasing a ticket, you cannot change the booking details by phone. Please bring your ticket to the place where you bought it, our designated sales office, or sales offices of our joint operation companies.

Refunding a ticket

  • Only when you ask for a refund before the departure time written on the ticket, we will make a refund.
    In that case, we will charge you a refund fee.
    We will not refund your ticket after the departure time written on the ticket.
    • When refunding a one-way ticket
      The fare of a one-way ticket – fee (110 yen) = Your refund
  • If you receive a refund for a ticket you have bought at a travel agency, convenience store, or through the internet, you may have to pay a refund fee separately.
  • If you want a refund for a ticket, please bring the ticket to the place where you bought it (our designated sales office or travel agency).

The refund for a ticket bought at a convenience store and through the internet will be handled by a different method. So please contact the address written on the ticket.

*For more details

When you lose your ticket or forget to bring your ticket.

  • If you lose your ticket, you are required to pay the fare at boarding again. We cannot reissue the ticket.
    In this case, we will issue a receipt for repayment. If you find the lost ticket within one year, please bring it with the receipt for repayment, and then we will refund the ticket. (Regarding the refund of a ticket bought at a convenience store and through the internet, the handling method is different. So please contact the address written on the ticket.)
    In that case, we will charge a specified refund fee. Also, if you forget to bring your ticket or the ticket is stolen, we will handle it in the same way.


  • We will apply the child fare for elementary school pupils (6–11 years). The child fare is 4,400 yen.
  • Infants (0–5 years/ preschool children) can travel free of charge. However, you need to pay the child fare for the following cases.
    • If an infant needs a seat.
    • If an infant travels alone.
  • The fare for the following customers is 4,400 yen.
    • In accordance with Article 15(4) of the Act on the Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons, if a person with a physically disabled certificate shows the certificate.
    • In accordance with the provisions of the intellectually disabled certificate outline, if a person with an intellectually disabled certificate shows the certificate.
    In both cases, if the certificate indicates the necessity of a caregiver or a stamp of “with a bus care,” the fare for a caregiver is 4,400 yen. (If a customer is certified as class 1, the fare for the caregiver is the same as that of the customer.)
    No discount for persons with mental disorders.

The above discount is applied only when you buy a ticket at a sales office. Please show a physically disabled certificate or an intellectually disabled certificate at the counter.

Bus operation

  • We may use a substitute bus with a different specification or seats without notice because of an increase in the number of buses in busy seasons or for maintenance of vehicles.
  • We ask for your understanding in advance that the arrival time of the bus at the destination may be delayed substantially because of the traffic conditions or weather conditions. We will not refund the ticket because of the delay.
  • If safe driving operation is not secured because of stormy weather, we may suspend our service. In that case, we will contact you at the contact number issued at booking. (If we suspend our service, we will refund the ticket without charging a refund fee.)
  • The bus leaves at the departure time. Please come to the bus stop well in advance. Please check the location of the bus stop beforehand.
  • If you miss the bus, the ticket will be invalid.


  • Please put your baggage on the baggage rack on the bus or trunk under the floor. Please take care of your baggage yourself.
    We ask that you pay special attention to your valuables, such as keeping them with you. Please do not place heavy baggage or bags in unstable shape on the rack for safety reasons.
    We do not assume any responsibility for damage, loss, or theft of your baggage.
  • We accept no responsibility for damage, defacement, loss, or theft of baggage stored in the trunk. The trunk has limited space. We keep only one bag per person.
  • The following items cannot be brought onto the bus or kept in the luggage compartment: large or long baggage (fold-up bikes, surfboards, etc.), skis, snowboards, golf bags, musical instruments, valuables, animals (including a pet in a special cage), dangerous articles, and objects that may be damaged, damage the vehicle, or cause harm to passengers.
  • Please do not place your baggage in the passage for safety.


  • Fasten your seat belt during driving. Smoking is not allowed on the buses.
  • Please do NOT use your cell phone on a bus because it may bother other passengers.
  • We can keep a fold-up wheelchair in the luggage compartment, but not an electric wheelchair since it cannot be placed in it.
  • When crew members decide that a passenger will bother other passengers because he/she is drunk, they may turn down the request for boarding.
  • Please make inquiries if there is anything unclear.

Expression based on the guidelines of an express bus indication

  • The routes between Kanazawa/Toyama and Tokyo are for an express bus (route bus).
  • They are jointly operated by Kita Nippon Kanko Jidosha and Tohoku Express bus.
  • The actual driving distance (one way) is 516 km to Tokyo and 517 km to Kanazawa. (Kita-Kan Sakimori Depot – Tohoku Express Bus Tokyo business office)
  • The expected time required is 9 hours 50 minutes to Tokyo and 9 hours 50 minutes to Kanazawa. (Kita-Kan Sakimori Depot – Tohoku Express Bus Tokyo Office)
  • Kita Nippon Kanko Jidosha takes out a voluntary car insurance policy with unlimited personal compensation. Regarding the insurance of joint operation companies, please check the booking site or website of each company.

Our efforts for improvement in safety

  • We have obtained the certified system of chartered bus operator safety evaluation.
    This mark is a symbol that means a bus company with excellent efforts for safety so that customers can choose a chartered bus without worry.
Inquiries by phone

Booking by phone: tel. 076-266-2512 (9:00–17:40)